More than an Options Trading Course.

Record Options Investing (ROI) is a revolutionary financial literacy platform designed to empower retail investors. No previous stock market experience required.

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Record Options Investing is More than an Options Trading Course.
Record Options Investing Discography.

Options Investing Discography

At the heart of Record Options Investing’s platform is a comprehensive video training course spread across five visual albums. Lesson by lesson, our course gives you the knowledge and skills required to reap the benefits of Wall Street.

Our discography is designed for new investors with little-to-no stock market experience.

ROI’s options trading course is truly unique. We’ll build your financial literacy from the ground up.. All you need is a desire to learn.

We provide the tools, resources, and knowledge to build a strong portfolio and achieve your financial goals. Additionally, we’ll reveal the two strategies ROI utilizes to generate consistent returns in both bear and bull markets.

Backstage Access

A vital component of any education is the oversight and guidance of a teacher. And that’s exactly what you get when you go backstage with ROI.

Our users connect with Record Options Investing in the VIP area, a dedicated space to post your questions, concerns, and feedback. You’ll meet other users just like yourself in the VIP section, giving you the chance to work together, share tips, and offer suggestions.

ROI users also receive a weekly Top 5 delivered directly to their inboxes. This exclusive email gives you the analysis, insight, and resources you’ll need as a savvy investor.

To further supplement our revolutionary options trading course, users are invited to join a live call every month with ROI. The conversation will cover everything you need to continue your investing education and confidently manage your portfolio.

Record Options Investing Backstage Access.
Record Options Investing Gear Shop.

Gear Shop

Accompanying Record Options Investing’s options trading course is a robust resources library also known as the Gear Shop. We’ve developed these tools to guide you through the course and support you as you transform from a stock market rookie into a Wall Street wonder. Step into the Gear Shop for worksheets, checklists, reference documents, and a trade journal that does the math for you.

All that and more await you in the ROI Gear Shop!

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